While swaddling oneself in as much luxury as possible is a key purchase consideration for Bentley buyers, they"re also attracted by the emotional appeal of driving a car that exudes presence. From its retractable Flying B hood ornament to lớn its massive Bentley biệu tượng công ty puddle lights, the 2021 Flying Spur V8 First Edition we just drove is a masterclass in surprising và delighting anyone near it, not just those lucky enough to lớn be inside. It"s impossible lớn ignore the Bentley sedan"s enormous badge appeal, but does the driving experience và execution of its many high-tech features justify the equally sizable price tag?

Bentley"s niche in the ultra-luxury segment is developing cars that are wonderful lớn be driven in but which are muscular and sophisticated enough khổng lồ inspire owners to lớn drive themselves instead. The 2021 Flying Spur we tested was motivated by a Porsche-derived 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine developing 542 hp và 568 lb-ft of torque, specs that aren"t too far off those of the Panamera Turbo. The engine was adopted for this model year after the Spur itself was updated for 2020 (and another update will arrive for 2022).

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The powerband is thick, the oto thrusting forward with authority at nearly any speed and all set to lớn the dulcet tones of eight cylinders pounding away. Traction is a non-issue due to the Flying Spur"s standard AWD; it"s hard to lớn fathom a better way to lớn gobble up highway miles, especially with so much nguồn on tap. Gear changes are confident and downright prescient; whether at tốc độ or slogging through traffic, the Flying Spur"s eight-speed automatic transmission seems to lớn always know where it needs to be. Shifting with the steering-wheel-mounted paddles can be enjoyable, but they"re largely unnecessary.

Bentley claims a 0-60 mph time of just 4.0 seconds, but a previous model we tested achieved benchmark speed in just 3.5 seconds. Pin sạc the throttle to the floor, và the Flying Spur rockets forward, but without the uncouth rabidness of a sports car. Passengers are shocked to hear you"ve achieved freeway speeds—or beyond—given the car"s comfortable and drama-free comportment. The Flying Spur balances outright performance and elegant refinement in a way that"s truly chất lượng in autodom.

The Flying Spur rides on adaptive air suspension that conveys the sedan with poise despite its 5,137-lb curb weight. The ride is otherworldly even with gorgeous but massive 22-inch wheels fitted, và all but the very largest road imperfections pass largely unknown lớn occupants. The steering feel is very light, as you might expect—why work hard?—and we were impressed with how the Spur communicated through its brake pedal precisely how much stopping power was available.

Bentley"s sedan puts luxury first when it comes to its chassis setup, but it can still move when hustled. Crank the drive mode to thể thao and the Flying Spur sharpens up its steering, suspension, and drivetrain responsiveness khổng lồ channel the spirit of Bentley race cars of yore. All-wheel steering as fitted lớn our car makes the Flying Spur even more responsive và stable when being driven enthusiastically, as well as more maneuverable when it comes time khổng lồ park the long sedan in a busy lot.

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The Flying Spur is a wildly luxurious vehicle, & it goes far deeper than simple brand image. Bentley veritably stuffs its full-size sedan with leather, wood, and metal of the highest quality, & these cover nearly every surface. Only the infotainment cluster và part of the center stack are plastic. Even the headliner is impeccably finished, here in a creamy tan hide that matched the rest of the cabin, cementing the idea that every aspect of this oto was deeply considered.

There are a few elements of the Flying Spur that give away its relationship to other products from the Volkswagen Group. Buttons click with the same sound as Audi"s dual infotainment screens và the touchscreen infotainment is a reskinned version of Porsche"s setup. Otherwise, it"s all Bentley & the borrowed elements don"t detract from the otherwise luxurious atmosphere.

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Folks sitting in the back seat were delighted at the small tablet that docks above the rear air vents. The little removable display can control such things as the seat heating, ventilation, & massagers. It can also adjust the media, blinds, lighting, nav, và basically anything else the driver can access through the main infotainment.

There"s further customization of preferences to lớn be had with the interior lighting menu. Bentley allows drivers to choose independent colors for the accent lighting strips và the more general footwell illumination. Six main colors are available, but Bentley allows for further choice by including sliders that allow the saturation & brightness lớn be altered as well. We chose a cool blue that matched the illuminated Flying B hood ornament & puddle lighting, which gave the cabin a soft calm ambience at night.

Bentley equipped this particular Flying Spur with even more exclusive touches. For starters—and at $55,200, what a start it is—there"s the aforementioned First Edition package. It effectively bumps the car up lớn the luxurious Mulliner trim level, bringing special exterior badging as well as an array of upgraded equipment. An illuminated version of Bentley"s iconic Flying B mascot glows an ice white on the nose of the car, while, inside, the infotainment display now powers away lớn hide behind a wooden panel when the car is shut off.

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The First Edition bundle also adds a tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, sunshades, và vanity mirrors for the rear passengers, plus front & rear occupants now bask in the glow of configurable mood lighting & can dig their feet into soft deep pile floor mats. This package also adds your choice of two-tone wood trims, in this case Tamo Ash wood và Grand Black. The seats get special contrast stitching and unique piping, as well. Finally, the puddle lights project the Bentley biểu tượng logo from the driver"s mirror as they approach the vehicle, và from all four doors when it"s time lớn step out. Our test oto was also equipped with additional options that included a chrome lower bumper, an upgraded Naim sound system, and wireless phone charging.

For a total MSRP of $280,805, more than $80,000 above its starting price, one would hope this Bentley Flying Spur V8 First Edition would satisfy completely. It does, and it makes any occupant feel like a celebrity or captain of industry. Most luxury sedans from the likes of Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Genesis, or Mercedes fly under the radar in the L.A. Area, where our headquarters are located, but the Bentley never failed khổng lồ pop eyeballs, draw thumbs ups, or inspire folks khổng lồ mouth "nice car" as we drove past.

If you"re going to lớn drop a quarter of a million dollars on a mega luxurious limo, you might as well vị so on one that inspires such approval. Indeed, the Flying Spur lifts your spirits whether you"re behind the wheel or simply riding in one of its cushy seats. There"s no denying the emotional appeal of the Bentley badge, but behind this one is a spectacular car in its own right.